Why People Should Visit Szczecin
Szczecin, which is one of the major seaports of Poland, sits at the conjunction of Dabie Lake and the Oder River.

Because of this strategic location, there has been a permanent settlement at this location since at least the 8th century. Also known as Stettin, the city has seen much upheaval […]

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Why People Should Visit Wien
Wien, which is more commonly known as Vienna, is the capital of Austria and one of the largest cities in the European Union.
It was also the largest German speaking city in the world before the start of World War I and is still second only to Berlin in this regard. […]

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Are You Ready To Visit Bonifacio?
Located on the southern end of the island of Corsica, Bonifacio is right on the Mediterranean Sea and sits opposite of the island of Sardinia by the Strait of Bonifacio.

It’s the only harbor on the southern coast and has the unique status of being part of a combined national […]

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St Petersburg

The Essential St. Petersburg: Leaving Leningrad Behind
The second largest city in Russia might just have the largest heart. St. Petersburg has always been at the center of Russian culture and this is reflected in the various name changes it has undergone. In the 20th century alone, it was also called Petrograd and Leningrad before […]

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Why People Should Visit Santorini
When it comes to the classic images of Greece, nothing speaks to the visions of the mind more than what Santorini is able to provide.
Located along the Aegean Sea, the community of Oia has to be one of the most photographed places in the entire world.With a history that dates […]

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Why People Should Visit Pristina
Pristina is the capital city of Kosovo and it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world that is not often frequented by tourism.

Less than 40,000 foreign visitors entered the city in 2012, the last year the figures were publicly released, which means you’ve got the opportunity to […]

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Why People Should Visit Samos
Samos, which is a classic Greek Isle on the Aegean Sea, is just off the coast of Asia Minor, literally separated by a straight that is just 1 mile wide. The island has always been an affluent community and this is evidenced by the UNESCO World Heritage Sites that can […]

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Why People Should Visit Mykonos
Located in the Cyclades group, Mykonos is known as the island of the winds. It wasn’t the wealthiest of the islands in the area, partially because there are limited agricultural areas and that is true to this day.

Although you might not get to spend a visit to Mykonos walking through […]

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Why People Should Visit Lyon
Located in the eastern part of central France, almost directly between Paris and Marseille, sits the wonderful community of Lyon.

Many flock to this community every year to enjoy its light festival that occurs annually in December for 4 days, which has also earned this community the nickname the “Capital of […]

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Are You Ready to Visit Preveza?
Home to the only underground tunnel in Greece that goes under the sea, Preveza is connected to the Acarnania region and is located right at the mouth of the Ambracian Gulf.

It’s a beautiful community that has river canyons to explore, easy access to the ancient city of Nicopolis, and […]

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